Q: How much can you save our school?

A: On average if you are with another service provider 28% with savings against BT of up to 48%

Q: How long does it take to transfer our service to TTG?

A: Normally 10 – 14 days on receipt of paperwork

Q: Do we have to change our telephone numbers?

A: No. You keep your BT numbers – nothing changes

Q: Do we need special equipment installed as part of the service?

A: No. The service is provisioned remotely at BT to ensure that there is no disruption

Q: Do we get charged a fee for not paying by Direct Debit?

A: No, we understand that many schools cannot make payment by Direct Debit mandate so we’ve waived this fee

Q: Do we get charged a late payment fee when the school is billed during Holidays?

A: No. We are the school specialist and understand that in many cases payment comes directly through your city/county council which means payments are occasionally delayed during school holidays

Q: How long is the agreement?

A: Minimum term is 12 months but our standard is 36 months

Q: What happens if we have a fault on our lines?

A: We have a dedicated maintenance team (based in the UK) with real people that answer your call within 3 rings and not an automated service. Your account manager is also happy to assist you

Q: Can we have billing by extension?

A: Yes, but this often depends on your telephone system

Q: Can you maintain our telephone system?

A: Yes, we maintain all major telephone systems by Toshiba, Panasonic, Avaya etc

Q: Can I speak to other schools that use TTG?

A: Yes, we have many schools across the UK and in your area. Your account manager will be happy to provide referrals for you to speak to.