Cutting IT costs, freeing up resources, encouraging coherency, Excell Cloud is the platform that will allow your educational establishment to flourish.

Excell Cloud is a pay-as-you-go service that encourages easy, open sharing of information, something that is invaluable for schools as it’s at the very core of learning. Within an ever changing educational environment and a society that’s continually advancing technologically, our products allow you to remain in an advanced learning environment.

What we can offer:


Our London Data Centres offer a facility where our schools or educational institution can take advantage of impressive bandwidth speeds, reliable network connections and all-important outage protection so you know that your data is safe. All of this within a secure, trusted environment and offered at a competitive price.


IPCCTV is a leap forward from old CCTV systems in what is an incredibly efficient way to protect you, your employees, and your business.

Where traditional CCTVs generally require a dedicated cable for each camera, on top of additional cables for power and camera control, IPCCTV uses the same cable for all of the necessary functionalities. This eliminates a whole lot of hassle, wasted time, and all of the extra cable costs.

Online Backup

Ever been halfway through an important, deadlined piece of work only for a technological glitch to wipe it all? Most probably.

We know that the data saved on your servers, desktops and laptops is your most valuable asset and the last thing you’d want to lose. With our Online Backup, you can seamlessly protect all of your data and ensure that any unexpected mishap doesn’t effect your progress. Whether you need to backup a standard document, a complex database, or the protection of your entire server, you can be ready for when disaster strikes.

Managed WiFi

The need for easy Wi-Fi solutions is high in any modern school or educational institution and often, it can be complicated and expensive to implement. We provide an easy, cost effective option with cloud-enabled Wi-Fi that will suit your business needs, whether it’s your company headquarters, branch offices or for the homeworkers.

These solutions, based on Aerohive’s award-winning technology, include enterprise-class Wi-Fi hubs, while allowing the easy management and mobility that’s integral to your establishment. Aerohive innovations are available to customers through official channel partners.