When it comes to mobile solutions we understand what is important to you and your school; reliable, cost effective means of communication that develop with your establishment.

Each educational establishment will have different needs, which is why we’ve developed multiple services and why we will work with you to produce a bespoke solution. Whether it’s our range of tariffs, handsets, tablets or applications, we can develop them to facilitate your need for open communication lines and the sharing of educational material. Additionally, our service wrap, customer support and billing system ensure our flexibility and work to your convenience, so you can focus on helping your pupils succeed.

Superfast mobile internet is here. 4G will allow you to embrace new, more effective ways of working and enable you to get closer to your colleagues and the parents of your pupils through better communication and improved experience. 4G will allow you to work from home more easily, whether it’s to compile lesson plans, mark students’ work, or get finances in order. High speed downloads and access to your TTG implemented Cloud encourage productivity and development on a large scale.