Having worked with numerous schools, colleges and universities, we know that flexible communications built to be scalable, are important to you. Our extensive range of community services range from copper to fibre ethernet, so we can tailor make them to your requirements. So whether your school is big or small, located on one site or spread across multiple, we have a service to fit your needs.

Our Managed Internet Bandwidth Solution can be tailored to meet your demands, allowing you to use the internet at speeds and contention ratios that work for you. After All, you’re going to have lots of pupils accessing your network daily, so a poor internet connection is not an option.

Our network services are delivered by our own nationwide network, allowing our experts to monitor and maintain it in our Dual Network Operation Centres, ensuring you stay connected.

Additionally, we can help you go wireless, eradicating the need for IT suite space, and allowing staff and students to access the network from any location. This means that they are constantly connected to the biggest source of information in the world.

Our services include:

The Excell Core Network Quick Facts

The Excell Cloud Network

Technology is continually evolving, and we understand that in order to reap the rewards, you have to evolve with it. In order to ensure that your school or educational institution can provide students with the best opportunities, you’ll need an effective and efficient data network. Your students can excel when it comes to productivity,learning platforms and opportunities if you have a quality network that facilitates speed, flexibility and reliability.

We wouldn’t want to rely on anybody else to deliver this to you, so we designed our wholly-owned private network to cater for all of your needs; even the most demanding ones.


We’re proud to say that our network has received the Netitude Diamond Standard Security Award. This is down to the fact that we place security among your most important needs. Security is integrated throughout the entire network architecture; it is built within the foundations and runs through the hardware and operating systems. Trust us; we’ve thought about it.


We ensure network reliability through unique grid technology, so if there’s a problem, we can address it and rectify it swiftly and efficiently with extensive computing resources. The grid provides resilient network services, failover, recovery and seamless maintenance inside a single building, across a Wide Area Network or between remote locations.


We ensure very low time delay and exceptionally low packet loss, meaning data packets will reach their destination without interruption. In other words, everything runs pretty smoothly with minimal frustrations. Our own QoS enabled network runs with six nines (that’s 99.9999%) reliability which means that our services are flexible, responsive and reliable on a 24/7 basis.


We know that your needs, along with modern technologies, are continually evolving, and in order to support and facilitate this progression and growth, our network needs to do just the same. This is why we ensured that our network design is as scalable and flexible as you need to it to be. Our infrastructure runs at less than 5% of its capacity, meaning that we have lots of room for that growth. A whole 95%, in fact.