Total voice & data solutions for Schools, Colleges and Universities across the UK.

What is most important to you and your school, College or University?

Your environment – Do you want to create a great learning environment for your pupils, supported by cutting edge technology?

Your security – Do you want to ensure your pupils and staff are safe from data breaches without blocking the free flow of information?

Your communication avenues – Do you think additional lines could be utilised for confidential anti-bullying services? How about a Wifi connection that is fast and of good quality?

Your productivity – You need constant access to a flow of information, so would it help if you could access your teaching materials via cloud storage at home? What about if you and your pupils could access the network from any location at school, without the need for dedicated IT suites and cable connections?

We’ve worked with many schools, colleges and universities to help them reach their full potential.

Fowey Community College is a comprehensive specialising in technology, however, their telephone system wasn’t effective enough to deal with their continued growth and was a hindrance to their basic communications. They worked in cohesion with TTG to develop a bespoke solution that was scalable and enabled internal calls to use Voice over IP, hugely cutting costs.

Working with Duffryn High School also brought great results. They were fast developing and were struggling to manually answer each phone call and connect with the appropriate department. Together, we came up with a tailored solution which allowed the school to route incoming calls to relevant departments by asking callers to select the relevant option. They reported lots of positive reactions and improved customer satisfaction.

At TTG, we like to work with our customers, listening to what exactly you need and developing solutions with these in mind, and within your budget. So whether it’s an advanced cloud storage system, wireless communication or intelligent security systems, we’re always willing to listen and come up with the right solution.