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Your journey to the Cloud

The adoption of cloud computing is happening today. The surveys show greatly increased interest in cloud computing concepts, and even increased usage of both public and private cloud models

Cloud computing is becoming a game changer for Small and Medium size businesses by offering scalable infrastructure and capabilities available as services. It means computing resources are available when needed, and you pay for their use in much the same way as for household utilities.

Cloud models are now delivering on the promise to help businesses work smarter by providing flexible, cost-effective access to technology and information.

I’m not suggesting that the traditional premise based model is a thing of the past and to be replaced by the ‘Cloud’ – sometimes the traditional model is still the best fit. However, for business agility and economic reasons, the ‘Cloud’ is becoming an increasingly important option for many companies of varying sizes who see the ‘Cloud’ as the foundation for the upgrade and adoption of enhanced voice data and application services.

We have built a national reputation for quality over many years by continually striving towards our mission to provide the best B2B voice and data service in the UK. Through partnership with schemes such as Superconnected, we can now help even more businesses make the absolute most of Cloud technologies by removing the barriers of Internet speed, set-up and hardware costsWe have seen that the first wave of cloud services adoption is led by the flexibility afforded by this unique business model, but the second and more substantial wave results from proven financial benefits achieved. Once businesses become familiar with the opportunity for cloud services to complement any on-premise capability, such as the benefits of improved cash management, lower IT infrastructure capital and overheads and improved speed to market as well as the cost benefits of using a pay-as-you-use model, we can expect a dramatic increase in cloud adoption among SMEs. UK Businesses, in our experience are by nature innovative, probing, proving and then exploiting technology to their advantage.

Excell supports the extension of the BDUK Super Connected Cities Scheme, and encourages business to take advantage.

As the government extends its BDUK Super Connected Cities Scheme to March 2016, Excell reaffirms its support as an approved supplier. The scheme, which covers 22 cities across the UK, provides vouchers to cover the set-up and hardware costs for new super-fast broadband installations, giving small businesses the opportunity to reap the benefits of high-speed connectivity, and embrace a new generation of online services. Excell already offers leased lines under the scheme but is also one of the few suppliers to gain approval for a broadband package, namely their Fibre offering. With a Superconnected voucher, eligible businesses can now take Excell’s Fibre without the worry of install and hardware costs, plus the additional benefit of three months free Fibre broadband when taken as part of the package.

Written by Chris Attwood.

Head of Marketing

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